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Snackable Media was started with the goal of helping publishers better grow their audience and substantially increase their revenue through video content.

Snackable Media’s mission is to help website publishers that over-index with the Black / African American digital audience.  These sites have been historically under-monetized, and Snackable focuses on helping them achieve revenue parity in the digital space.

Snackable Media offers Publishing-as-a-Service (PaaS) by creating video content for websites with a state-of-the-art video player, offering premium advertising solutions, real-time optimization, and a fully integrated programmatic stack that leverages high-quality, global direct advertising.

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Video & Display Monetization

A distinct focus on driving revenue through on-site video monetization utilizing a best-in-class programmatic stack in addition to direct advertising buys through in-stream and out-stream video ad units.

Digital Website Publishing

Snackable Media creates written and video content for sites to help driving traffic and user engagement for monetization of ad inventory


Focusing on best practices and applying our extensive experience and expertise, we can surely provide valuable advice on audience development, content strategy, vendor selection and social media optimization.


Desktop In-Content

A custom-made video player that delivers perfect content placement for every publisher’s needs.

Desktop Floating

With over 95% viewability and very high completion rates, our solution delivers industry-leading KPIs.

Desktop Slider

Our technology is resource-light and provides maximum fill rates, which maximizes revenue per session and gives your users a speedy experience.

Mobile Floating

HD videos guarantee that our premium brand placements are effective and highly sought-after.

Tablet Floating

We lead the industry for targeting tablet users with a seamless solution that fits every screen type.

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